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/Bamboo toothpicks

Bamboo toothpicks--bamboo steamer uses They are made from the finest antibacterial toxin free bamboo wood bamboo skewers in oven shaped with thin ends to make tooth natural bamboo sushi tray boat picking easier and smoother for you.bamboo board set Tired of flimsy toothpicks that easily bamboo wood cutlery break?Our Toothpicks are made of natrual Bamboo and quality-checked one by one to ensure our customers would not experience this. wood cocktail toothpick These toothpicks to develop in your mouth. handmade bamboo toothpicks your home or for your coffee shop or restaurant business. These sticks can also be used as appetizer sticks, food skewer, DIY craft stick and more. Having lunch out and no toothpicks available? cheap bamboo toothpick Our container fits easily in your bag/purse so you can clean your teeth properly after every meal to avoid leftovers between your teeth.

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