Different shapes of chopsticks

2019-04-24 11:20:34

It’s not the same to say chopsticks. At first glance, they are two sticks, but they are very different. More representative are Chinese, Japanese, and Korean chopsticks, which we often see in our daily lives.

The chopsticks at home are like this:

The longest of the three types of chopsticks is generally a flat-topped square handle. The chopstick tip is cylindrical and the overall thickness is relatively uniform.

The chopsticks that eat the Japanese food are like this:

Japanese chopsticks are shorter than Chinese chopsticks, with a wide upper and lower chopsticks, and the head of the chopsticks is pointed.


The chopsticks that eat Korean barbecue are like this:

Korean chopsticks are mostly made of metal and are shorter than Chinese chopsticks. They are mostly flat.

The shape of chopsticks is caused by the diet and lifestyle of different countries.

Japanese people like to eat sea fish, and the pointed chopsticks are more suitable for shaving fish bones and fish meat, so Japanese chopsticks are more pointed. Compared with Korean and Chinese chopsticks, it is generally shorter. There are two kinds of sayings about this feature: one is for Japanese people to eat, and the food soup bowls are all placed on one tray, and everyone eats one in front of them. The chopsticks are no longer short; the other is that it is more convenient to "plan rice", which can speed up the eating speed and adapt to the needs of the workers at that time.

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