How to maintain bamboo cutting board?

2019-05-08 10:22:09

1. How to maintain new cutting board, maintenance of bamboo cutting board, maintenance method of bamboo cutting board:
Wash the new cutting board with detergent, rinse it with water, dry it and dry it naturally.
2. After drying out, use a brush to dip the cooking oil, and apply a layer of oil on both sides of the cutting board. After the oil slowly infiltrates into the chopping board (about 1 hour or more), make sure to completely infiltrate and then brush. A layer of oil, then continue to dry, then repeatedly brush the oil, dry, about 3 times.
3. Wipe the front and back sides of the cutting board with a paper towel.


4. Friendly reminder:
5. Be sure to use this method when the chopping board has just been bought, for the first "maintenance", the used old cutting board, or the cracked cutting board does not work. Moreover, this method of "maintenance" of the cutting board is limited to wood or bamboo cutting boards, plastic and glass, and coughing is not necessary.
6. Wipe the clean chopping board with a paper towel, do not put it in the sun, excessive exposure will cause the cutting board to crack.
7. After each brush is finished, wait for the oil to completely penetrate into the chopping board and then brush the oil again.
8. Every time you use the chopping board, remember to clean it, and dry it naturally, then store it.

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