The toothpick is too powerful in the egg, and many people don't know it!

2019-05-20 15:05:43

Eggs are one of the most common foods in the family. Many people prefer soil eggs. It is difficult to distinguish between foreign eggs on the market.
Because of the high nutritional value, earth eggs are favored by many people. However, there are many varieties of eggs on the market, and some of them are not necessarily authentic even if they are written with earthen eggs. How do you distinguish them?

Earth eggs are so differentiated

Method 1: A toothpick

It only needs a toothpick to get it, simple and practical. Unshell the eggs and take a toothpick on the yolk.
If it is a soil egg, the toothpick will stand firmly on the egg yolk. If it is a normal egg, the toothpick will be tilted and can not stand.
This is because the egg yolk of the soil egg is more viscous and firm, and the degree of condensation is also better, so the toothpick is not easy to fall on it. The common egg whites have more water, and the egg yolk is sparse and easy to spread.


Method 2: View color
In addition, whether the eggs can be observed from the color of the egg yolk.
The color of the egg yolk of the earth egg is more orange-orange, while the color of the egg yolk of the ordinary egg is more yellow. The difference is still very large.

Method 3: Look at the degree of dispersion
When you eat eggs, you need to stir the eggs. Is it authentic soil eggs? You can see them by stirring them.
Ordinary egg yolks are thicker, and when they are stirred a little, they will spread out. The eggs are dense and not so easy to spread.

Method 4: Look at the shape
When buying eggs, is it a soil egg, you can first observe the shape of the egg. The earth eggs are generally relatively small, with a pointed tip that is slightly rounded and the eggshell is lighter in color.
The size of the common egg is too large, the difference between the two heads of the egg is not obvious, the weight is also larger, the eggshell is darker in color, some are reddish brown, and the eggshell is thicker than the earthen egg.

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