Why did the Chinese choose chopsticks?

2019-05-14 13:55:51

Dolce & Gabbana (DG), a well-known Italian fashion brand, has annoyed the Chinese because of a promotional advertisement. In the advertisement of DG, an Asian-faced model uses chopsticks to eat Italian food. Due to exaggeration and frivolity, it is considered to be a "traditional culture" that ridicules and humiliates China.

Chopsticks, a common eating tool, also evoked a strong resonance. An official media subsequently published a microblog, "Do you really understand Chinese chopsticks? A pair of chopsticks, carrying the Chinese people's emotions and memories", accompanied by a public service advertisement video about chopsticks, the number of forwarding is easily more than one million.

There is no doubt that chopsticks are the most used tableware in the world. Not only China, but most places in the entire East Asian cultural circle use chopsticks as the main feeding tool. The use of chopsticks runs through the entire history of human civilization and has not broken into industrial civilization.

However, chopsticks are the most familiar to the Chinese, but they may be the most unfamiliar. Most people don't know that chopsticks are not the first eating tools used by Chinese people; even their ancestors did not use chopsticks to eat for a long time; the history of chopsticks is also the history of Chinese cooking.

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